FLSBC Superbowl Boxes

The Fox Lane Sports Booster Club Super Bowl pool is here!! The success of this fundraiser will directly benefit our student athletes! Please Share with Family & Friends!
It is a traditional Super Bowl grid and each box costs $50. Prizes are as follows:
1st Qtr $500
2nd Qtr $500
3rd Qtr $500
4th Qtr $750 (this includes overtime – the final score!)
BUY UP ALL OF THE BOXES and FLSBC will get $2,750 that will go towards helping our student athletes!
It only takes 30 seconds to join the contest and to select your boxes. Just follow the steps below!
STEP 1: Go to


STEP 2: Enter Pool Number: 209121
Pool Entry Code: FLSBC2023
STEP 3: Fill out the form to create your ID or sign in if you have one!
STEP 4: When asked for it, the Contest Password is
STEP 5: Pick and name your boxes!
STEP 6: Pay for your box here: NEED LINK


  • Price: $50.00
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